Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Baking Soda Blasting Systems

Aluminum Parts
Gear Boxes
Sub Assemblies
Wheels and Brakes
NDT test cleaning

Successful MRO applications
include: cleaning and descaling engine and landing gear components, composite etching, stripping coatings, and preparation for bonding

No pitting, peening or crack closure
Rinse parts clean
Superior Flowability
Water Soluble
Easier Disposal
WT36 Wet Blast Cabinet
Case Study:

FAA Certified Repair Station

Application Overview: Remove polyurethane paint from
magnesium part without removing chromate conversion
coating and without damage to part.

Process: ARMEX Maintenance Formula XL at 30 psi in
contained cabinet system.

Results: Successfully replaced hazardous chemical process,
reduced cleaning time by 50% per part. Eliminated unnecessary
costs of chromate recoat. Provided a cleaner, safer working
environment. Eliminated hazardous waste disposal cost.

“We’re saving money, time and
cutting hazardous waste.”

Before Soda Blasting
Before Blasting
Results of Baking Soda Blasting
After Baking Soda Blasting

Why Purchase a Baking Soda System?

  • Dust Free Operation
  • Wet parts with oil or grease can be processed without a prior wash step
  • 1/4 lb. per minute consumption vs. 1 lb. per minute with a dry process. This is approximately 25% of the traditional consumption in a dry system.
  • Able to run traditional round and angular abrasives.
  • Superior ability to descale & clean, etch composites and shot peen
Part before Soda Blasting
Before Blasting
Finished Part After Soda Blasting
After Blasting