Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Wet Blasting

Wet Slurry Blast Brass
Wet Slurry Blasted Brass Part
Wet Blast Slurry System
WT36 Wet Blast Slurry System
Wet Blast Slurry Systems
Effective for cleaning, deflashing, descaling and surface texturing for final surface coatings.

Using a mixture of media (abrasive) and water driven by a special pump, through an air accelerated nozzle or airless means across the surface of the part to enact a desired finish.
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Reasons For Wet Blasting

  • No Static

  • Dust Free Application

  • Lower Media Consumption over Dry Blast

  • Versatile for Various Abrasives

  • Filtered Water For Rinsing

  • Cleans Parts Without Surface Damage

  • Multitude of Industrial Applications