Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Cleaning for Liquid Penetrant Examination

This Precision Wash Rinse Rinse Dry System was built for cleaning components prior to FPI. It processes a complete family of large cylindrical parts used for aerospace. The system achieves very high cleanliness specifications in accordance with the manufacturers requirements. The line is constructed from four stainless steel modular CM Systems and runs left to right. The entire line is built upon a heavy duty I beam fabricated base for accuracy, stability, ease of shipping and installation. A safety light curtain traverses the front of the system.
Ramco CM36 Parts Washer: Wash, Rinse, Dry

The photo above shows the front of the system. The control pedestal (center) includes a main Nema 12 panel with the air over oil tanks and flow controls mounted behind the control box. Note that nothing is placed underneath processing tanks or tucked behind "access" panels. All valves, pumps, filters, cylinders and heaters are located outside of the console where they are accessible, clearly visible for inspection and easily serviced. RAMCO automated systems are designed for industrial applications.


Components are loaded into baskets and placed on a load lifting conveyor (above, far left). The lift section automatically raises the basket to the correct processing height for lateral transfer thru the system.