Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Four-Stage Recirculatory Sediment Tank

Almco Model ST-4

  • 70 gallon capacity
  • Removable sediment tanks
  • 1/6 H.P. transfer pump
  • Bag filtration feature
  • Portable as option

Almco Model ST-4 Four Stage Recirculatory Sediment Tank to receive liquid finishing solutions from the tub of the machine to allow solids to settle out of the solution prior to discharge of the liquids to drain. Each of the four tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge prime steel of all welded construction and are removable from the angle iron base framework. Basic approximate dimensions are 67" long x 24" wide x 51" high with 70 gallon capacity for liquids. Also includes 1/6 H.P. transfer pump.

Bag Filtration System consists of a Rosedale Products Model LCO-8 (or equal) floor mounted bag filter housing one filter bag rated at 50 microns (other micron ratings are available) Carbon steel housing is oversized for less frequency filter change outs and is piped between compound pump in the recirculatory tank and the vibratory machine. Also includes inlet and outlet pressure gauges for filter monitoring. System can be mounted on caster wheels for quick disconnect fittings as a option.