Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Multi-Stage In-Line Conveyor Parts Washers

Flat Belt Washers

Put Almco's Super Spray to work washing your parts. Flexibility is the design key for Almco's flat belt washers. Parts travel through the tunnel on either woven or flat wire belt construction with contaminants of oil  or grease removed by powerful compound / water spray rinses provided by adjustable nozzles.

Almco's cleaning systems operate with one continuous belt to feed parts through washing, rinsing and drying chambers.

3 Stage- Wash, Rinse/Inhibit and Blow-off Dryer Conveyor Washing System

Almco Model: PWRB18-48E

Variable speed stainless steel belt, all stainless steel construction, 2 filtration units, moisture blow-off section with 10Hp regenerative blower, 6 each 15kw heaters (4 for wash, 2 for rinse),

automatic solution make-up system, removable stainless steel chip basket, exhaust duct connections and emergency stop button on both ends.
Almco Belt Washer System PWRB18-48
Discharge end of the PWRB18-48E parts washer showing stainless steel blow-off section with stainless steel moisture blow-off header and drive unit.
Almco Belt Washer System PWRB18-48E
Stainless steel hood in the open position showing stainless nozzles and stainless mainifolds on the PWRB18-48E