Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Immersion Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning (Cavitation) is a special tool used mainly for precision cleaning. It is most effective used in conjunction with other methods of immersion washing (i.e. part oscillation and solution turbulation) to handle stubborn contaminants.

Cleaning Characteristics:

  • complete immersion, recessed areas in contact with solution.
  • high frequency sound waves produce an intense microscopic scrubbing action at the surface of the substrate.
  • The energy released (produced by millions of microscopic bubbles imploding in the cleaning solution) heightens chemical activity and strips away contaminants from the surface of the substrate.

RAM TOUGH Multi Station Consoles are industrial strength consoles built solely for the factory floor. Unlike conventional consoles built for laboratory type application RAM TOUGH Multi Station Consoles are built for the rigors of production. The layout is unlike conventional consoles. Nothing is placed underneath processing tanks or tucked behind "access" panels. Piping, control valves, pumps, filter housings, pneumatic cylinders, heating elements, immersibles, generators, etc. are all located outside the console, clearly visible for inspection and access. Maintenance and service are easily accomplished.


The RAM TOUGH Multi Station Consoles for pre-cleaning parts prior to phosphating, alodine, etching, passivating or non-destructive testing.



PREWASH with Oil Removal and Turbo/Filter - The first stage is designed to remove the bulk of the dirt and oil using turbo, filtration and an OR6A with SurfaceSweep. The system removes floating oils from the surface of the wash station to a remote quiet tank for separation and prevents floating oil from redepositing onto cleaned parts.


ULTRASONIC WASH with Turbo/Filter - The second stage is a precision wash with ultrasonics. All RAMCO ultrasonic systems are built using immersibles. Many competitive systems use transducers bonded directly to the bottom of the tank. We use transducers within immersibles that are bolted into the bottom of the tank and can be easily removed from the tank for service. Others design with bonded tank transducers which are cheaper to build but if a tranducer fails or gets damaged requires sending the whole tank back to the factory to be properly fixed (major downtime).


RINSE - The elevator moves the basket into the working zone and oscillates the parts in solution with either a short or long stroke. Dual stroke oscillation provides both short and long strokes. A selector switch is used to select either long (5 to 9 inch) or short (2 to 4 inch) strokes. The long stroke is used to provide better flushing (hydraulically forcing solution though the working zone) for nested masses of parts and/or complex shapes with recessed passages whereas the short stroke is used to provide quicker oscillations and faster cleaning of simple parts and/or part configurations. Flexibility in stroke ranges and speeds produces more comprehensive cleaning.

Ramco MKT24 MultiStation Console System
Backside of the MKT24 showing accessibility for service and maintance
Ramco Dynamic Flow Combinations
Dynamic Flow Combinations
Ultrasonic cleaning is improved by using the oscillating platform to gently move the load throughout the ultrasonic work zone. Furthermore, ultrasonic stages can be alternated with turbulating stages. This is a particularly effective way to handle stubborn contaminants such as buffing or lapping compounds.

Dynamic Flow Combinations™
The ability to use platform oscillation in combination with other processing modes is a unique feature and an important benefit built in to each station of the Ramco industrial strength consoles. Creating Dynamic Flow Combinations™ produces superior processing results.