Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Abrasive Blast Systems

Types of Air or Wheel Blasting Equipment:


Applications including the removal of:

heat treat scale, carbon deposits, oxides and discolorations. Surface preparation for coatings, painting, plating and/or cosmetic.

Tumble Blasters


Enclosed cabinet with a rotating basket and blast gun aimed into it. The random tumbling action insures that all parts in the basket or on the belt are completely blasted when the cycle is finished.


Tumble blasting is a batch blasting process that removes rust and scale for bulk loads removing hard to reach burrs or to produce bright or dull texture finishes in preparation for surface coatings or bonding.

Cabinet Blasters (Manual and Automatic)


Cabinet blasters can perform operations such as rust and paint removal, scaling, deburring and surface preparation for coating.


2 basic types:


Suction Blast Cabinets: used for light production and general-purpose cleanup


Pressure Blast Cabinets: (much higher flow rate than suction) most jobs will finish 30-50% faster in a pressure cabinet. Pressure cabinets can also handle much lower pressures for delicate jobs

Blast Rooms:


Blast Room for manual blasting of large components ie. railroad car trucks, large tanks, larger fabrications that are heavier and more bulky that can be handled in a cabinet.

Spinner Hanger Slurry Blast System
Abrasive Blast Cabinet
Abrasive Blast Cabinet