Wet Blasting

Wet Blasting Systems

Wet blasting systems from Advanced Deburring & Finishing are as effective as our dry blast units, with final part aesthetics and appearances being very comparable. However, with wet blasting systems, the abrasive and water mix is more gentle on the part surface because the water acts as a cushion. As a result, blasting on a delicate part can be done quickly and easily.

Industrial uses for wet blasting include general cleaning, deflashing, descaling and surface texturizing for a final coating.

Model: WT-36


  • No static
  • Dust-free process
  • Lower media consumption rate over dry blast
  • Versatile enough for various medias
  • Filter water for rinsing
  • With an added heating feature, wet blasting can work on removing greases and oils when wet or dry



Outside tanks pump
Blast gun. Hand held or fixed
inside tank pump
Settling tanks return pump








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