Specialty Systems and Applications


With the size and scope of today’s industries and with so many different parts being made or recycled for reuse, there are many unique applications and processes that call for a customized specialty application or finishing system.

Here are some existing specialty applications and specialty systems that are unique with what they are able to offer as far as finishing processes, production numbers and final results:

  • Flat finishing and deburring
  • Process automation
  • Wheel-type slurry blasting systems

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Below is a vibratory deburring machine with material handling/automation and loading/processing/unloading capability with no operator assistance.

Model: V-8 MHS w/RP Rinse
Model: V-8 MHS w/RP Rinse

Here is another deburring machine with the capability of cleaning parts containing a separation deck with a rust prevention rinse.


Next here is a multi-stage precision cleaning system with an oil coalescer and filtration and can be fully automatic from start to finish.

Model MK -48 Auto w/basket rotations


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