Baking Soda Blasting Systems

Is your business looking for a form of abrasive blasting that works well for removing materials from delicate substrates? Baking soda blasting is a highly effective method that may be your solution.

This blasting method involves using compressed air to propel sodium bicarbonate onto a workpiece to remove contaminants. As the particles contact the surface, they burst and release energy that facilitates the cleaning process. Despite the technique’s robustness, it removes materials effectively with little or no damage to the substrate.

Baking Soda Blasting Applications

Baking soda blasting systems perform well when cleaning a wide range of products and materials. Consider the process for the following applications:

215 rotor before
Before Blasting
  • Aluminum Parts.
  • APUs.
  • Gear Boxes.
  • Sub Assemblies.
  • Wheels and Brakes.
  • NDT test cleaning.

Successful MRO applications Include:

215 rotor after
After Baking Soda Blasting
  • Cleaning and descaling engine and landing gear components.
  • Composite etching.
  • Stripping coatings.
  • Preparation for bonding.

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Benefits of baking soda blasting systems

Using soda blasting to clean substrate surfaces offers many benefits:

  • No pitting, peening or crack closure: Soda blasting avoids peening, which causes cracks to fill and makes them more challenging to detect.
  • Rinse parts clean: Soda blasting enables you to de-coat and clean in one step without leaving oil, grease or tar residue.
  • Superior flowability: Baking soda is less susceptible to clogging than other abrasive media, providing faster, more efficient cleaning results and fewer clogs.
  • Water-soluble: Because baking soda dissolves easily in water, it won’t leave behind deposits or clumps that adhere to the substrate’s surface.
  • Easier disposal: When using baking soda in non-hazardous blasting applications, you can rinse the media into sanitary drains, simplifying the disposal process.
  • Increased safety: Sodium bicarbonate is part of the human body’s chemistry. It’s nontoxic when inhaled, ingested or in contact with the skin and is not classified as an eye irritant.
  • Eliminates odors: Some people place open boxes of baking soda inside their refrigerators to absorb unpleasant odors, and it can have the same effect when cleaning surfaces coated with foul-smelling contaminants.
  • Nonflammable: Some blasting processes can produce sparks that increase the risk of fires or explosions. With the appropriate grounding techniques, you can perform soda blasting safely in refineries, grain elevators, chemical plants and other potentially dangerous environments.
  • Prevents rust: Applying baking soda blasting to ferrous surfaces will help to stop rust from forming on the substrate surface.
215 wt36 polymer


Reasons to consider buying a baking soda blasting system for your surface cleaning processes include:

  • Dust-free operation.
  • Wet parts with oil or grease can be processed without a prior wash step.
  • 1/4-lb.-per-minute consumption vs. 1-lb.-per-minute with a dry process. This is approximately 25% of the traditional consumption in a dry system.
  • Able to run traditional round and angular abrasives.
  • Superior ability to descale and clean, etch composites and shot peen.

Case Study: FAA Certified Repair Station

The following case study highlights the benefits of implementing a baking soda blasting system:

  • Application overview: Remove polyurethane paint from magnesium part without removing chromate conversion coating and without damage to part.
  • Process: ARMEX Maintenance Formula XL at 30 psi in contained cabinet system.
  • Results: Successfully replaced hazardous chemical process, reduced cleaning time by 50% per part. Eliminated unnecessary costs of chromate recoat. Provided a cleaner, safer working environment. Eliminated hazardous waste disposal cost.

“We’re saving money, time and cutting hazardous waste.”

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