Surface Finishing and Refinement

When companies like yours choose Advanced Deburring & Finishing, you’ll find just how much we have to offer. Enjoy access to the highest-quality deburring and surface finishing and refining equipment and complete A to Z systems. Specialized knowledge, expertise born from many years in the industry and world-class consulting services are just a click away. We provide true value-added support to help you achieve sound decisions that lead to greater success and top-quality finished products.

From simple, inexpensive processes to complex custom-engineered surface finishing and refinement systems, like our round bowl vibratory machine, we are committed to helping you increase production throughput and decrease labor costs. The result from this is reduced backlogs and bottlenecks, improved work-in-process, improved part quality (which reduces part rejections and reworking) and a positive impact on both your top and bottom line.


Surface Finishing and Refinement: The Basics

Metal products are a crucial component of many industries. With technology and production constantly evolving, metal finishing is increasingly vital for quality and long-term performance.

Surface finishing involves altering a metal’s surface by reshaping or adding/removing another substance. The ultimate goal of surface finishing is to improve the metal’s aesthetic features and durability. Surface finishing is an essential step in the manufacturing and production of metal products in all industries.

Deburring is also a common practice within the metal industry. Burrs are a rough edge or surface on metal products. Finishing can remove hard edges and give you a smooth product overall. Deburring, along with other finishing practices, is a key process when crafting metal products for distribution.

Benefits of Surface Finishing

Surface finishing is an important practice for many reasons. Some noted benefits of surface finishing include:

  • Improved appearance.
  • Added durability.
  • Increased corrosion resistance.
  • Removal of surface defects.
  • Heightened resistance to chemicals.
  • Added surface conductivity.

Surface finishing can elevate your products and help you pass quality inspections every time. Advanced Deburring & Finishing can help you enhance your product line and give you consistent quality for each item.

Applicable Industries

Surface finishing is vital for any industry that produces metal products. Whether you develop small metal pieces for medical implants or parts for aircraft engines, the benefits of metal finishing are vital to your production. Finishing your metal improves appearances and increases durability, which is important for nearly any application.

Some industry examples include:

  • Aerospace: Planes need metals that can handle atmospheric pressure and high-altitude conditions.
  • Automotive: Cars consist of many types of metal. Finishing can include the exterior paint job or engine parts.
  • Food processing: Metal conveyor belts must be sanitary to prevent food contamination.
  • Communications: Communication materials should be conductive so electrical signals can carry messages back and forth.

The right metal finishing system can simplify your manufacturing process. Advanced Deburring & Finishing works with all industries to provide quality finishing and deburring materials.


Take Advantage of Our Deburring Equipment

We offer a range of deburring equipment so we can meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Here’s a look at what we can offer when you need a deburring and polishing machine:

  • Round bowl vibrator machines: Our round bowl vibrator machines allow for the fastest time cycles and incredible unloading efficiency. You’ll find that the work moves quickly when you take advantage of round bowl vibrator machines and their many benefits.
  • Tub-style deburring machines: Tub-style deburring machines are best for long part processing and for processing longer parts that should not touch one another. With tub-style deburring machines, you can take advantage of different channel lengths and diameters.
  • Mass finishing thru-feed systems: We’re proud to offer mass finishing thru-feed systems that make it possible to deburr, edge-break and surface-condition a number of different pieces all in the same chamber. Bulk actions made possible by mass finishing thru-feed systems help enhance efficiency.
  • Centrifugal high energy systems: Centrifugal high energy systems feature small baskets attached to a larger wheel that revolves. Pieces placed in the baskets rub together under high pressure, which creates the deburring action. Centrifugal deburring machines are known to create exceptionally smooth finishes.
  • Spindle and slurry deburring: A spindle deburring machine helps shorten process cycles and create precision finishes. Spindle and slurry deburring processes are also known for limiting damages to parts and pieces.

In general, mass finishing is used for coloring, cleaning or burnishing a range of parts and pieces. Depending on the applications, different media and compounds must be used in the deburring and polishing process. Before choosing the right type of deburring and polishing machine, you must consider a parts size, shape and fragility. At Advanced Deburring and Finishing, we offer a number of deburring and polishing machine options, so each of our customers can get the final result they want.


Why Choose Advanced Deburring & Finishing?

At Advanced Deburring & Finishing, we offer services that deliver quality, efficiency and cost savings. We maintain equipment that represents the latest in industry technology, so we can work quickly and with more reliability. Our proven deburring and polishing processes help us work safely and quickly while we also stopping bad or rejected parts from continuing down the production line.

With over 38 years of experience, we offer professionally designed products and services for metal deburring, finishing and more. We work with different industries and metal products to find the right finishing tool for every operation.

When you work with us, you get a service that is:

  • Personalized: We work with you to find the right system for your operation, not the other way around. Our goal is to help you maximize your productivity and make quality materials for your clients.
  • Informative: We are happy to answer questions and talk through different finishing options. Our team of experts is here to help you work through pricing, machine variants and other choices.
  • Long-lasting: Our durable machinery will improve your process long term, meaning you get the most from your investment. With the right equipment, you can make sure all your products pass inspection every time.

Working with an industry professional ensures you get the ideal solution for your finishing needs. We can help you start improving your production. To learn more about our deburring and polishing machine options, contact us today.


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