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The action of providing or supplying something for use.

Just like supplying food for the body, finishing and cleaning processes need “food,” or consumable supplies, to be able to work or function. Parts cleaning is no different than cleaning your dishes at home. Would you wash your dirty dinner plates in just water? Soap does help and rinsing agents remove spots.

Consumable parts cleaning supplies are important because many processes dictate them to achieve and maintain a result. For example, deburring media is like a little particularly-shaped grinding wheel that needs to be dressed to be able to work along with they are made to wear away at a certain rate.

One of the reasons we stress our consulting services and sample part processing is because, with so many industries and applications, there are many different mediums for all the various applications and processes.

Call them what you want, (rock, stones, tumbling media), but all production machines run on one or more of the many supply items available. Different grades and compositions, too, for rough-cut to burnished finishes. Many shapes and sizes of each composition are available. General ceramic media is approximately 85 to 95 lbs./cu. ft., while plastic ranges from 52 to 95 lbs./cu. ft.

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Each type of parts cleaning supply and medium has a definite purpose.

Ceramic Media
Ceramic Media
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Plastic Media








From all of the various selections of tumbling media, whether it would be a pre-formed shape, random sizing combinations or mined aggregate, always beware of media lodging or sticking in part(s). If you can place it in the part and it sticks, it will likely get lodged in the finishing machine process.

Steel Ball Burnishing

This is as close to a chrome or buffed polished shine as is achievable in a mass mechanical finishing process.

300-plus lbs. per cubic foot is enough weight to smooth out the hills and valleys on the part’s surface to bring up reflectability. Reflectability is how light is reflected off the part’s surface, or its “shine factor.”

Steel Media

Natural media like walnut shells and corn cob maize can do light deburring, polishing or drying.

A few of the special media would be wood pegs, tacks and now rubber and other soft media.

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