Flat Deburring

Flat Deburring

Advanced Deburring & Finishing is your international authority on flat finishing and deburring.

Fladder® Flexible Deburring

This is a perfect all-in-one solution for flat finishing, sanding and deburring. The oscillation process ensures 100% coverage regardless of how the part is placed on the conveyor belt.

The system works:

  • Deburrs parts with contours
  • Smoothens sharp edges without loss of definition
  • Deburrs parts with protective foil
  • Ideal for burnishing, cleaning, de-slagging, edge preparation, weld dressing, surface finishing and sanding

This system employs an entirely new method based on a principle which is fundamentally different from traditional flat finishers.




  • Flexibility with tooling up abrasive brushed with slats or strips with different grades for finish and different sizing for depth and contours.
  • Two counter-rotating spindles for edges.
  • The part is deburred in an orbital movement by six spindles, all rotating in the same direction. Counter-clockwise rotation makes for a more uniform deburring.
  • Rearranged spindles with 3 pairs of counter-rotating spindles.
  • Part deburring/finishing in both an orbital and an oscillating movement with six spindles arranged in three pairs of counter-rotation. The result it that it can feed parts side-by-side and still be uniformly deburred.
  • The oscillation technique is necessary when deburring holes or parts with depth.

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Oscillating Method

In terms of finishing technology, the FLADDER GYRO and FLADDER AUT are in a class of their own. The strong, compact gear head is equipped with a total of six spindles, mounted in pairs, rotating alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The gearing of the spindles varies between the pairs to ensure uniform finishing of all faces on the parts and uniform wear on the finishing tools.

During the process, the entire head and the six spindles rotate and oscillate across the surface of the parts, which means that the processing of the surface is applied from every possible direction no matter how the part is placed on the conveyor belt.


This fact is especially important in setups where the machines are placed in a line, making it possible to utilize the full 1300 (GYRO-model) working width.


300 GYRO

Loading/Unloading Height33 1/2"
Working Width51"
Max Part Height4"
Max Part Width51 - 63"
Spindles6 @ 13 3/4
Overall Approx. Size87H x 90W x 81L

400 GYRO

Overall Approx. Size94H x 90W x 95L

Advanced Deburring & Finishing can help you find the right solution for wood and metal applications and dry and wet dust collectors. Get in touch today to learn more about why we’re an international authority on flat deburring.

A built-in PLC control is a standard feature of the machine and allows programming of the machine’s functions and the ability to control the machine from a centralized control panel.

The vacuum pumps are supplied either as an integrated part of the machine or as external pumps to be placed away from the machine in order to reduce noise.

There are many reasons why the vacuum system is an important part of the machines function. Through the carefully balanced impellers, the air is led into the shields covering the machine and from the shields through a series of nozzles the air is ejected back towards the conveyor belt. As a result, the parts are cleared of any dust, and the air turbulence inside the machine prevents the dust from settling down again.

Besides, the shields on the machine perform more functions than just to recirculate the vacuum air to clear the parts of the dust.

Very friendly for the user/operator. PLC controlled with clear and easy monitoring of machine and operation through a number of windows in the machine’s cabinet and shields. Frequency converters on most motors to preserve energy and always supplies the right amount of energy for the work load. Conveyor belt is of the highest quality with a natural rubber layer covering outside for improved friction properties. The same holes in the belt create more efficiency with our vacuum holder technology, which will easily hold even small parts in place.

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