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There are many different ways to finish machine parts and pieces, and abrasive blast systems are among the most popular and commonly used. It’s typical to use an abrasive blast cabinet, wet abrasive blasting system or slurry blast cabinet to remove carbon deposits, oxides and discolorations. In general, abrasive blast systems prepare surfaces for cosmetics, platings, painting or coatings.

Cleaning precision parts, stampings, dies, molds, castings, pistons and valves are just some of the processes that abrasive blasting system equipment can help you accomplish quickly and easily. Abrasive blasting removes heat treat scale, carbon deposits, slag, oxides and discoloration, light machine burrs, paint, varnish, lacquer and rust.

Abrasive blasting is useful in preparing surfaces for plating, painting, anodizing and the bonding of coatings. Additionally, abrasive blast systems allow you to accomplish peening to increase the fatigue resistance of critical parts, to increase the resistance of parts that operate in corrosive environments and to provide stress relief at weld points. Abrasive blasting also provides decorative, high-quality finishes for the automotive, appliance, photography and jewelry industries.

Abrasive blast cleaning systems and processes typically incorporate a variety of media to provide various finishes, including aluminum oxide, plastic abrasive, glass beads, steel grit, ceramic media, corn cob and others.

Different Types of Abrasive Blast Systems

As noted above, different applications and parts require different abrasive blast systems for finishing. Here’s a look at some of the most common abrasive blast systems you might consider:

  • Abrasive blast cabinets: Abrasive blast cabinets work best for cleaning precision parts, dies, castings, valves, pistons, molds and stampings. At Advanced Deburring & Finishing, we offer abrasive blast cabinets in a variety of different types and sizes, so we always have the solution for your needs.
  • Wet blast: A wet abrasive blasting system is best when preparing for final surface coatings. What is wet blasting? A wet blast is known to effectively clean, deflash, descale texture parts and pieces. The wet blast process itself involves using an abrasive and water driven by a custom pump to achieve the desired finish.
  • Slurry blast: A slurry blast cabinet is a wet blast approach that uses proprietary technology from Proceco. This approach is known to provide fast and effective parts cleaning in just minutes. A slurry blast works for nearly all metals, but it is most effective on white metal and aluminum.
  • Vacuum blast: Also known as dustless blasting, this system uses a suction process to remove surface contaminants and abrasives. Advantages include increased effectiveness when recycling used materials and minimal cleanup. This method is also a cost-efficient solution.
  • Centrifugal blast: This process utilizes a motor-powered blade wheel to provide a high-speed blasting result. It also produces clean, uniform surfaces that promote more reliable coating adhesion. Centrifugal blasting is often the best choice for projects requiring maximum efficiency and high throughput.
  • Air blast: This process involves using compressed air to propel dry abrasive materials against the surface. Consider this technique when removing rust or old paint. It’s also easy to alter the blasting results by adjusting the compression speed, making this method suitable for a wide range of blasting applications.
  • Bristle blast: Unlike many other blast systems that use abrasive media to achieve the desired outcome, this process uses steel wire bristles to remove contaminants. It’s effective for cleaning metal surfaces impacted by corrosion.
  • Pencil blast: Also referred to as microblasting, this system combines high-pressure compressed air and fine powder. The equipment includes an adjustable nozzle that enables the user to control the stream. This technique is ideal for any blasting application that requires high-precision cleaning.

Abrasive blast systems are essential for preparing newly manufactured components for their ultimate application. An abrasive blast cabinet can smooth rough surfaces, roughen smooth surfaces when needed, shape surfaces and remove contaminants from surfaces. These types of blasting system help ensure that parts are ready to perform durably and reliably for the long-term.


What Are the Benefits of Implementing Blast Systems?

Using abrasive blast systems for surface preparation applications can provide multiple benefits for your company:

  • Efficiency: Abrasive blasting is one of the most efficient processes when preparing metal surfaces for coating, painting or a host of other finishing techniques. You can achieve excellent results quickly and eliminate the guesswork that comes with many alternative methods.
  • High-quality products: Because of their effectiveness, you can trust blast systems to remove the most stubborn materials and contaminants from metal surfaces. Your coating will adhere more reliably, resulting in a better quality for the finished product.
  • Damage prevention: Using blast systems is an excellent way to ensure the longevity of the workpiece. It offers a dependable technique for preventing rust and corrosion, which strengthens the product. When combined with paint or powder coating, you can expect long-term protection in the most challenging environments.
  • Operator safety: Abrasive blast systems do not require the use of harsh chemicals or toxic materials that can pose health hazards. Disposing of used blasting media typically does not endanger the surrounding environment or clog overcrowded landfills. You can use them in your facility with total peace of mind.

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