Blast Systems

Abrasive Blast Cabinets And Blast Systems

Cleaning precision parts, stampings, dies, molds, castings, pistons and valves are just some of the processes that abrasive blasting system equipment can help you accomplish quickly and easily. Abrasive blasting removes heat treat scale, carbon deposits, slag, oxides and discoloration, light machine burrs, paint, varnish, lacquer and rust.

Abrasive blasting is useful in preparing surfaces for plating, painting, anodizing and the bonding of coatings. Additionally, abrasive blast systems allow you to accomplish peening to increase the fatigue resistance of critical parts, to increase the resistance of parts that operate in corrosive environments and to provide stress relief at weld points. Abrasive blasting also provides decorative, high-quality finishes for the automotive, appliance, photography and jewelry industries.

Abrasive blast cleaning systems and processes typically incorporate a variety of medias to provide various finishes, including aluminum oxide, plastic abrasive, glass beads, steel grit, corn cob and others.

Our blast cabinets and blast systems are available in a variety of types and sizes. Let us help you select the appropriate cabinet for your process. See our Abrasive Blasting Supplies page to get more information on our blast medias and finishes.

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