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As manufacturers seek ways to stay competitive and productive while lowering operating costs, many turn to automated processes. Automation reduces the need for human intervention by emphasizing the use of equipment and machinery. Robotics is an excellent example of how manufacturing entities in various industries integrate automation into their day-to-day operations.

What Are the Benefits of Automation?

Implementing automated systems offers numerous advantages for manufacturers:

  • Increased productivity: Automated equipment can typically work faster than humans, enabling you to complete projects sooner and get finished goods to your customers on time. Machines can work tirelessly without breaks. The improved service will also enhance your customer retention efforts.
  • Shorter lead times: Does your business receive orders on short notice? Automation allows you to turn these projects around faster and enable you to confidently accept more expedited requests.
  • Better quality: By eliminating human error, automation can reduce the number of defects in the production line. You’ll have fewer quality control issues, and your facility will be able to deliver more reliable and durable goods to your customers.
  • Lower labor costs: Automation lets your business use fewer employees and less time to produce goods. Paying less for labor and related costs, like fringe benefits, will have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.
  • Safer work environment: Because automation requires less human intervention, your business will likely experience fewer workplace accidents and injuries. Many robotic solutions can complete repetitive or dangerous tasks with high precision and focus, reducing incidents.
  • Reallocation of resources: When you automate, you can then use the workers who were performing these processes in other areas of your operation. For example, if automation results in increased production, you can move employees to your shipping department to help meet the higher customer demand.
  • Broaden your customer base: By implementing automated systems, you’ll get access to advanced manufacturing technologies that enable you to bolster your capabilities and enhance your service offerings. Your company can gain a competitive edge, attract more business and meet your growth objectives.

“We Sell The System”

Advanced Deburring & Finishing provides systems for work on cellular applications, high production runs and specialty applications. “We Sell The System” is not just a phrase. It’s the value we live by, whether we’re providing automation and systems or one of our other products.

Below are a few units for your review with vibratory deburring and parts cleaning capabilities.

Model: V-8 MHS Vibratory Finishing System with Autoloading, Processing, RP rinsing and unloading. Press cycle start and walk away.

Model: V-8 MHS w/RP Rinse



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Model: MKT – 16 Automated Full Automatic

Load up baskets of parts for an automatic throughput process.


This Fully Automatic Dye Penetrant System incorporates a number of key Ramco attributes. Transport/oscillating elevators are the basic building blocks for each of the stages.

Exclusive Ramco features include MultipleRollover, MultiPort Oscillation, RamTough Automation and MultiZone Spray.


Model: 85C

This solvent vacuum system eats up chips, oil and greases. Also offers spot-free results.


Model: 60PWRB

  • Tube washer
  • Inclined conveyor belt
  • Remove the swedging compound to provide clean and dry parts at the exit and do it at 1 part per 8 to 15 seconds.
  • Heated wash, rinse and blow-off.


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Advanced Deburring & Refinishing has provided innovative solutions for manufacturing companies across a broad spectrum of industries for nearly 40 years. We deliver consistent, high-quality results with every product and back them with excellent service every step of the way.

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