Supplies Fundamentals


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In the meantime, enjoy some insight from the following supplies fundamentals:

  • Ceramic tumbling medias are generally for steel, stainless and harder part materials.
  • Plastic media is generally for the softer metals, like copper, aluminum and pre-plating.
  • The longer the stone size and individual weight, the faster the deburring will go. However, the part appearance will look rough and may not meet your or your client’s specifications.
  • The smaller the stone size and individual weight, the longer the deburring/edge break will take. However, the part surface appearance will be even and fine.
  • Running machinery at capacity to 90%, even if you’re only processing a few parts, achieves a better finish faster.
  • Media needs to be dressed or clean to perform well. Once glazed over, cycle times increase and parts don’t look as good.
  • Do not mix acid compounds with any alkaline compounds. This may cause hazardous pressures and gases.
  • Always rinse tumbling media residue from parts immediately after the process. Soak or keep wet until you can clean or rinse properly. Once the residue dries on it, it is very difficult to get off, as it is sub-micron in size. This will cause peeling and flaking and compromise adhesion.

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