Suction Type

Suction Type Blasting Units

“Venturi” or suction type blasting units provide an appealing and lightweight pistol grip blast gun. The abrasive media used for the process is contained in a storage hopper for use. Line air pressure moves through the air hose and an orifice toward the blast gun or nozzle, which creates the venturi or siphoning effect. This picks up the media from the storage area, moves it through the hose and out of the blasting nozzle for impact against the work surface of the part.

Normal blasting pressures range from 80 to 100 psi.

Model: 3636 Turntable Assembly
Blast Cabinet

Standard Industrial Machine Sizing for Smaller Industrial Suction Blast Machines

Cabinet Models:

  • 2824 Series – 28″ wide x 24″ deep x 24″ high (working area)
  • 4024 Series – 40″ wide x 24″ deep x 24″ high (working area)
  • 4824 Series – 48″ wide x 24″ deep x 24″ high (working area)

Mild steel, side swing door, options include possible table mount with no legs, and oyster shell tops for lifting heavier parts into machine with lift or hoist. All available for dust collection system via bag house or cartridge.



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There are many different standard size suction type cabinets available. Advanced Deburring & Finishing can recommend small units all the way up to very large machines depending on your needs. Custom units are not uncommon in applications that require the entire part to be placed inside the cabinet.

Turntables are a great addition to suction type units that help to move or turn parts as the operator reaches through the two armholes to blast the workpiece.

Reclaim units and dust collectors are sized for the working blast cabinet open area inside. If the reclaim unit is undersized or dirty, the dust will stay in the cabinet and make it hard to see and complete the blasting function. Or, if it’s oversized, it will suck out all of the abrasive after just a cycle or two.

Blast Cabinet 3636
Blast Cabinet 3636 w/ Turntable Assembly








Standard Heavy duty production type  Industrial Suction Blast Machines

Cabinet Models:

  • 3636 Series – 36″ wide x 36″ deep x 36″ high (working area)
  • 4836 Series – 48″ wide x 36″ deep x 36″ high (working area)
  • 6048 Series – 60″ wide x 48″ deep x 42″ high (working area)
  • 6060 Series – 60″ wide x 60″ deep x 42″ high (working area)

Duct Collection, HEPA Filters, wear kit, powered doors/turntables, and barrels all available for these models.

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