Blasting With Steel Shot and Grit

Blasting WITH Steel Shot & Grit

The innovative design of our blasting steel shot and grit systems uses a blast wheel to accelerate and discharge the abrasive at high velocity and in a controlled pattern to mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oils, and grease from metal part surfaces. It can be applied safely to all types of metals and is excellent for use on aluminum and other white metal components. The abrasive media provides a very clean and smooth finished surface that is ready for coating, painting, or remanufacturing operations.

We design our blasting steel shot and grit systems to automatically process batches of parts of various sizes loaded on the barrel work mill. The barrel mill tumbles the parts to expose all surfaces to the cleaning abrasive slurry. The entire process is automatically controlled by PLC.

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Tumble Wet Blaster
Tumble Blast Machine


Spinner Hanger
Spinner Hanger Machine with Part tree












Very ruggedly designed and built machinery to remove dirt, mill scale, and or rust. We offer a full line of sizes and styles.

High volume continuous flow machines/pass-through

  • Monorail
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Belt
  • Wheel/Rim (12-26″ diameter, 130/hr)
  • Skew Roll


Batch Style

  • Tumble Blast
  • Table – Indexing Style
  • Spinner Hanger

6 Cubic ft Barrel



Model #3672