Blasting With Steel Shot and Grit

Abrasives are a hard, dense material that polishes the surfaces, removes burrs and completes other finishing work on substrates. There are many types of abrasive that have different grain sizes and hardness. Steel shot and steel grit are two common abrasives that, when used on the substrate, can remove deposits, oils and greases with ease for surface preparation.

Advanced Deburring & Finishing has high volume continuous flow machines, batch style machines and other blasting steel shot and grit systems to mechanically clean substrates. Learn more about the models in our inventory and contact us today.


What Are Steel Shot and Steel Grit?

Steel shot and steel grit are the two most common metallic abrasive types. Steel shot is a spherical shape, and it will create a smooth texture on the substrate surface. Steel grit is randomly angular and will etch and erode the substrate surface. Each of these abrasives is available in various hardness and size options, which are compatible with different substrates. They are also both heavy-duty abrasive materials that can quickly penetrate and remove surface debris baked or caked on.


Blasting WITH Steel Shot & Grit

Tumble Wet Blaster
Tumble Blast Machine

Shot blasting is a type of peening process used on tough surfaces to increase the substrate’s durability and strength. Steel shot and grit blasting systems mechanically remove grease, carbon deposits, scale, oils and oxides from metal part surfaces using mechanical or centrifugal force to propel abrasive media. Due to its aggressiveness, shot and grit blasting is best for large or difficult objects that need a strong force and dense media for surface preparation.

This process can be applied to all types of metals safely, including aluminum and white metal components, in large-scale operations, such as automobile factories and recycling centers. It offers intense abrasive capabilities for dense materials and quickly removes surface debris.

The abrasive media provides a very smooth and clean finished surface prepared for remanufacturing, painting or coating operations. Since the substrate surface will be free of debris, the coating or paint will have an excellent bonding surface. It will stick for a long time as a result. The blasting process may leave behind a level of ferrous residue on the substrate.

We design our blasting steel shot and grit systems to automatically process batches of various-sized parts loaded on the barrel work mill. The barrel mill moves the parts around, so all surfaces are exposed to the cleaning abrasive slurry. A programmable logic controller (PLC) automatically controls the entire process.

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Our Blasting Steel Shot and Grit Systems

The blasting steel shot and grit systems at Advanced Deburring & Finishing are very ruggedly designed and built to remove dirt, mill scale and/or rust. The innovative design of our blasting steel shot and grit systems uses a blast wheel to accelerate and discharge the abrasive at high velocity and in a controlled pattern. We offer a full line of sizes and styles.

Spinner Hanger
Spinner Hanger Machine with Part tree

We have high volume continuous flow machines, or pass-through equipment, with these features:

  • Monorail
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Belt
  • Wheel/Rim (12-26″ diameter, 130/hr)
  • Skew Roll

We also have a batch style system with these features:

  • Tumble Blast
  • Table – Indexing Style
  • Spinner Hanger




Watch this video to see our six cubic foot barrel in action.

We also have a video showing a demonstration of our Model #3672 machine.

Why Get Blasting Steel Shot and Grit Systems From Advanced Deburring & Finishing?

Advanced Deburring & Finishing has more than 38 years of experience providing precision cleaning equipment for our customers. Our team is dedicated to solving your finishing and cleaning problems. We will use our expertise in surface preparation to assess your process development and equipment to identify ways to reduce costs while improving finish quality.

We serve customers in the medical manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, general manufacturing and automotive industries from our York, Pennsylvania, headquarters and our sales office in Statesville, North Carolina.

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At Advanced Deburring & Finishing, We Sell The System. That includes premier blasting steel shot and grit systems and other finishing equipment that solves your problem or completes your process while meeting your highest expectations. We will help you lower your lead times and costs while improving your product quality and giving you a competitive boost. Your finishes will have a better appearance and will last longer.

Get in touch with Advanced Deburring & Finishing today to find out why and how our products provide value for clients all across the world.

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