Vibratory/Part Washing Cleaners

With a million and one cleaning agents of all types on the market available today, which one do you choose?

Alkaline Cleaners

Including water-based soaps and detergents. These are used in many processes for cleaning oil and greases, coolants, rust inhibitors, and in general to suit complicated applications. Maintaining proper ratios is paramount for the best process all the time.

Some of the newer high-yield compounds are phosphate-free, biodegradable and meet all applicable EPA codes.

Heavy dirt load applications can require something stronger or harsher. A pH of 12 would be a strong cleaner, but getting above it would become caustic. General cleaning, including part washing cleaners, usually use milder pH ranges, which are easier to work with and dispose of.

Vibratory/part washing cleaners and deburring burnish compounds and rust inhibiting compounds run in the 8 to 9 pH range. A pH of 7 is neutral or plain water.

Acid-based cleaning compounds and brighteners are on the other side of the pH scale, with 5 to 6 pH. In the 2 – 4 pH range, some special handling and machinery concerns may need to be addressed.

Non-emulsifying cleaners work very well in the correct application, with their being designed to split out oils and surfactants quickly.

Most water-based cleaning products need to be diluted for use in applications, so mixing or portioning devices come in very handy for proper concentrations.

With solvent cleaning solutions to powder soap products, there is a product out there to meet your specifications. We’ll help you find part washing cleaners and vibratory washing cleaners to suit your needs.
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The most important function of any compound is to keep both parts and abrasive media clean from loading or glazing over and to ensure consistency of action throughout the entire process as well as uniformity of results from one load to the next.

The second-most-important function is to enhance the action of the media for the purpose of the process (e.g. cut down, edge break, luster finish) part color/aesthetic appearances.

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