Slurry Blast

Spinner Hanger Slurry Blaster

Patented slurry blasting technology, also known as “wet blasting,” provides the ultimate parts cleaning performance within minutes. The system’s innovative design uses a blast wheel to accelerate and discharge the abrasive slurry at a high velocity and in a controlled pattern to mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oils and grease from metal part surfaces.

The slurry blast can be applied safely to all types of metals and is excellent for use on aluminum and other white metal components. The abrasive slurry is composed of abrasive media combined with a hot water-based alkali cleaning solution to provide a very clean and smooth finished surface that’s ready for coating, painting or remanufacturing operations.


350 Spinner Hanger
Spinner Hanger

Spinner Hanger Slurry Blast System:

The Spinner Hanger Slurry Blaster is designed to automatically process a single large part or batches of parts of various sizes loaded on a custom-designed holding fixture. A hook rotates and reciprocates the loaded part and fixture back and forth to expose each surface to the cleaning solution and accelerate the abrasive slurry.

The combination of rotation and oscillation in front of the slurry blast pattern provides even and complete coverage of geometrically complex components. A programmable controller monitors the process and allows the selection of pre-programmed cycle times depending on the parts to be cleaned. Contact us for your Slurry Blaster today.


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Slurry Blast Process: Stages

rinse cycle
1. Wash Cycle
slurry blasting cycle
2. Slurry Blasting Cycle
3. Rinse Cycle

The advantages of slurry blasting technology include:

  • No dust (and no need for a dust collector)
  • Does not require pre- and post-cleaning processes
  • Fast cycle times
  • A closed-loop process where both detergent and media are recycled
  • Does not require compressed air for blast motive force
  • Very clean with dust-free part surfaces
  • Can process wet, oily and greasy parts


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Standard Slurry tumble blast systems:

The tumble slurry blaster is designed to automatically process batches of parts of various sizes loaded in the barrel work mill. The barrel mill tumbles the part to expose all surfaces to the cleaning abrasive slurry. Parts are slurry blasted completely with a thoroughly controlled procedure.

Slurry Tumble Blaster
Slurry Tumble Blast Machine



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