Heavy Duty Washers

Typhoon HD Heavy-Duty Turntable Spray Washers

Typhoon HD turntable spray cabinet washers are designed to clean large parts placed directly on a retractable turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets. This heavy-duty industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat and aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease your parts to spec within minutes. Other processes such as surface treatment and phosphating can also be performed in this solution.

Typhoon HD’s design features a large solution tank volume to reduce the likelihood of foaming due to reduced agitation by pumping action, and to help to settle contamination. This also reduces the tank clean-out frequency. Many other design features such as low-maintenance pumps, digital temperature controllers, and cycle timers are standard on turntable parts washers. These cabinet washers can also be easily customized by adding needed features selected from over 40 pre-engineered options.

The Typhoon HD model is available in a single or multi-stage configuration, integrating up to 4 independent recirculated stages. Each recirculated stage has a dedicated tank, heating system, circulation pump, cycle controls and spray manifolds in the main spray cabinet.

Typhoon HD is an ideal aqueous parts washer for in-process and final cleaning in maintenance, manufacturing and re-manufacturing applications.






Available Dimensions

Standard Dimensions

Turntable DiameterWork HeightWeight CapacityProcessing StagesHeating Methods
28"36"1000 lbsWash


2nd Rinse



42"48"2500 lbs
50"60"6000 lbs
62"72"10,000 lbs
75"84"20,000 lbs

One of the best for heavy manufacturing with heavy and/or large parts to process. With 43 pre-engineered optional features available and thousands of different configurations in application proving our design and durability.Suited and ideal for remanufacturing, heavy maintenance from very dirty (oil or grease) packed parts. Rust, stripping and paint removal.

Cellular concept and providing the smallest footprint with a single point for loading and unloading. Typhoon – RW rotary turntable power spray washer is ideally suited for operations in a lean manufacturing environment.

The part is placed on a rotating table or indexing table to travel through this multistage system. From washing, rinsing and drying using variable speed units at 1 to 6 ft per minute.
It can achieve precise spraying for critical parts and part areas and is easy to set for automatic operation.

Typhoon HD is a high end, robust machinery designed to outperform and outlast all of the others on the market. 35 plus years on a machine running 16 hour workday, 6 days a week and still running today.

Generally 25 – 50% more mass than others asked how heavy it is. These are engineer driven machines with no compromise to operator safety, reliability and oversize with a minimum 4:1 safety factor, extra-large tanks and heavy-duty components.

typhoon hdMaintenance-free door seals with labyrinth design. (No seal), chip trays and pump screens for our low NPSH vertical processing pumps. Much more reliable over time than the high rpm pumps.
Standard spray pressures 60 – 70 PSI to 200 PSI.

With heavy cleaning applications, we have a fair amount of waste or dirt to remove from the part surfaces. Filtration system and bottoms sweep can play an importance in maintaining bath longevity and tank cleanouts.

Offering in conjunction with our parts cleaning system a tank drag-out unit can get the gross contaminants that want to settle out on the bottom of the tank quickly.

We develop turnkey solutions that go beyond cleaning, seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and advanced features that dramatically improve productivity and profitability.

Delivering superior performance and reliability – year in and year out for a multitude of cleaning systems. (Turntable, rotary basket system and in-line conveyor systems)


• Rail and transit
• Aviation
• Dunnage
• Engine Block Cleaning

With so many cleaning methods and technologies on the market sample part evaluation are very important to the best machinery to achieve the goal set forth.


CM Heavy duty immersion/agitating parts washers

More flexibility when needed. HEavy load, big dimensional parts and a need to clean.

Double cantilever support with 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick plate back wall for superior structural stregth, to hold 500 to 8000 pounds. UHMW sliding blocks for no metal on metal contact points. Out work load is supported by a structural I beam elevator. Automatic covers and all of the features with oil skimming, filters, expandability and if need heat, to help the cleaning process. Running at 160 to 180 degrees is no sweat for our unit, maybe just your operator if he’s too close.


Custom machines for sure. Most applications are custom, because every cleaning application is custom for that manufacturer.

heavy duty washerswashers








Manual to semi-automatic to fully automated systems designed for your cleaning process.