Mass Finishing For The Automotive Industry

mass finishing for the automotive industry

March 18, 2021

Mass Finishing for Automotive

Industries around the world rely on mass finishing applications to bring their products and hardware up to spec. Clean, smooth and functional components are necessary for every manufacturing scenario. Achieving this goal starts at the top of the industrial chain, and the final customer gets to enjoy the result.

If your industry specializes in complex machinery with intricate parts, you have the important task of getting each component ready for the assembly line. This is especially true in the automotive industry where every piece of a vehicle needs to function at a high level. With mass finishing for automotive, it’s possible to prepare every part.

Automotive Mass Finishing

Automotive mass finishing is an essential part of the car manufacturing process. End customers only experience the finished vehicle. They may not realize the technicality and attention that goes into every piece. It’s only with this attention to detail that you can create a functioning automobile.

What is automotive finishing? Today’s auto industry has a high standard to meet. Consider if the pieces you manufacture for automobiles were covered in burrs, nicks, scratches or dirt. These items could break down, stall and cause all sorts of problems. In some instances, they might not even fit into their intended locations during assembly. The slightest imperfections can affect entire machines, especially with high-performance vehicles. You have a responsibility to produce items that lead to the best results possible.

You can achieve this goal with automotive mass finishing. When you deal with items on a large scale, polishing and cleaning each piece you produce to get rid of burrs and grime may be out of the question. Such a task would take a lot of time, money and manpower.

Automotive mass finishing helps you get this job done on a large scale. With state-of-the-art mass finishing systems from Advanced Deburring & Finishing, you can ensure the automotive pieces you produce are smooth and clean. And you can finish many of them at the same time — no need for extra manpower. You can bring every piece up to spec with automotive mass finishing.

What Finishing Systems Are Used in the Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry relies on two main categories of finishing systems — surface finishing and refinement systems and parts washing and precision cleaning systems. The following will give some information on their differences:

Surface Finishing and Refinement

Surface finishing and refinement will help smooth out burrs and imperfections from your automobile parts. Here are a few of the systems you can use to achieve this:

  • Round bowl vibratory machines: Round bowl vibratory machines process large numbers of parts at the same time to create safe edges and smooth surfaces. The system uses kinetic energy to move items around the bowl, vibrating pieces against each other. This achieves a smooth, assembly-line-ready finish. These machines are adjustable to achieve the exact level of action you need for the pieces you’re finishing.
  • Tub-style deburring machines: Tub-style deburring machines use kinetic energy to roll a mass of items in a singular motion in a recessed, four-sided tub. These machines come in many sizes to accommodate your specific production needs. Tub-style deburring machines are a bit aggressive, so make sure your items can handle item-on-item contact.
  • Centrifugal high-energy systems: Centrifugal barrel finishing systems contain a turret and four high-speed, rotating turrets. They can exceed 300 revolutions per minute (RPM). The system uses this force to push automotive pieces to the periphery of the barrels. The barrels spin in the opposite direction of the turret, causing the items within to move against the inside of the barrels. This produces a smoothing effect. These systems do not tumble the pieces inside, limiting part-on-part contact.


Parts Washing and Precision Cleaning

Smooth surfaces are important, but even a smooth part won’t work if it’s not clean. Here are a few of the parts washing and precision cleaning systems available for your business:

  • Cabinet spray washers: Cabinet spray washers are a great upgrade if your business washes car parts by hand in an industrial tub. With these systems, you’ll place your part on a spinning turntable and let built-in sprayers cover all sides of the item with water.
  • Immersion agitating washers: Engine heads, transmissions and cylinder blocks need full submersion to clean internal chambers and components. For this task, you’ll need an immersion agitating washer. This system combines mechanical motion with a full liquid bath to clean places that are impossible to reach by hand.
  • Heavy-duty washers: Also called cabinet washers, heavy-duty washers combine heat, pressure and water-based cleaning solutions to bring your automotive parts to spec. And the best part is that the whole process only takes a few minutes. These machines can do other functions, making them versatile and powerful cleaning systems.


Benefits of Mass Finishing for the Automotive Industry

Your automotive parts business can enjoy several benefits when you install mass finishing systems from Advanced Deburring & Finishing. Here are a few ways our systems can enhance your business:

  • Increase productivity: You can spend less time washing items by hand and more time on other aspects of your business. Instead of devoting whole sections of the day to cleaning your automotive parts, you can finish large batches in minutes.
  • Your customers will enjoy fewer assembly line stalls: Stopping the assembly line because of dirty or unfinished parts can bring the entire automotive process to a halt. With mass finishing systems, you’ll know you’re sending your clients parts that will keep their assembly lines moving.
  • Save money: Your clients may enjoy increased productivity when they receive your finished items. This can help them save money on labor and from discarding faulty parts. Creating high-quality finished products can also save money for the end-user. They’ll enjoy a functioning vehicle that needs fewer repairs because the parts inside are up to spec.


Choose Advanced Deburring & Finishing for Your Automotive Mass Finishing Needs

Mass finishing automotive parts benefits everyone, from the top of the automotive production chain to the end-user driving their new car down the highway. Consider investing in products from Advanced Deburring & Finishing. We offer the systems that can increase your productivity and help you establish better relationships with the clients who depend on you. If you’re ready to enhance your production business with one of our systems, contact us today.

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