Sonic Immersion and Agitation Systems

Manufacturing companies need a safe, effective way to remove toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes in their manufacturing and finishing processes. The Migi-Kleen immersion parts washer is a revolutionary agitation and sonic immersion system that provides a better alternative to standard solvent cleaning.

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How Does an Immersion Parts Washer Work?

Solvent cleaning uses harsh chemicals that pose health and safety issues and may harm the environment. Conversely, the Migi-Kleen uses ultrasonic cleaning to clean effectively.

This machine features an elevator that transports the components into an out of a specially designed chamber. Part and component orientation, bath conditioning and mechanical agitation combine to make the process possible. Migi-Kleen can also perform washing, rinsing and drying in one machine, saving time and labor.

Key Migi-Kleen Features and Benefits

This advanced immersion parts washer has much to offer:

  • Easy operation: The Migi-Kleen requires the operator to load the parts onto the transport elevator and flip the switch to initiate the automated cleaning process.
  • Solid construction: Heavy-gauge stainless steel ensures the washer can withstand the rigors of frequent use.
  • Cellular cleaning capabilities: The machine’s compact design consumes minimal floor space. It can also accommodate parts and components of various sizes and configurations and attain multiple cleanliness levels.
  • A pneumatic package: The Migi-Kleen has a built-in oscillation package featuring dual stroke, speed controls, an air filter, a regulator, a safety guard and lubrication. This comprehensive system automatically lowers the parts baskets into and out of the processing zone.


Use the Ramco Migi-Kleen immersion parts washer for fast, safe hazardous waste removal and eliminating materials such as dirt, chips and oils from various components. Typical applications include:

  • Removing debris from castings, housings and various machine components.
  • Eliminating lapping and buffing compounds.
  • High-precision cleaning before packaging or assembling products.
  • Tube cleaning processes.
  • General washing during maintenance, remanufacturing or reworking steps.
  • Removing stubborn materials such as paint, rust, carbon and ink.
  • Achieving superior results with passivation, alodine and phosphating processes.
  • Surface preparation for blasting, deburring, welding or brazing applications.
  • Precleaning, penetrant processing and post-cleaning during fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI).

Ramco and Advanced Deburring & Finishing: The Perfect Combination

Ramco has been developing and manufacturing innovative systems for environmentally safe parts washing for more than six decades. Migi-Kleen parts washers can meet the most challenging requirements for cleanliness and safety, and Advanced Deburring & Finishing can provide complete support for your immersion washer.

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