Dust Collectors

While dry abrasive blasting systems offer an efficient surface preparation solution, they can also generate high volumes of dust in the atmosphere. Dust collectors provide a reliable way to capture these airborne particles, helping you maintain a cleaner work environment.

Besides offering high-quality blasting systems for companies in a wide range of industries, Advanced Deburring & Finishing is also your headquarters for dependable dust collector products. For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping our customers lower costs, improve quality and enhance their competitive position.

What Types of Dust Collectors Are Available?

There are two main types of dust collectors to be aware of.

1. Bag House:

With a bag house type of dust collector, the metal cabinet holds 100 percent cotton sateen woven material bags that hang in the cabinet. Dirty air gets pulled in, causing dirt and dust to collect on the outside of the bag. Clean air is exhausted out of the unit.

In a shaker-type bag house dust collector, an agitation mechanism knocks the dust off the bag so it can be collected at the bottom of the cabinet.

2. Cartridge Type:

With cartridge type dust collection systems, blasting byproducts and dust are collected by vertically mounted horizontal cartridges. Dust cake is removed from the outside of the filter via reverse pulse compressed air. The pulse is regulated by solenoids and an adjustable timer.

Reclaiming systems are included with all systems. The reclaiming mechanism is a high-efficiency centrifugal or cyclone type with adjustable air settings, providing a way to remove fine or large debris using trash screens.

Benefits of Bag House Dust Collectors

Because of their larger sizes, bag house dust collectors are excellent choices for high-volume blasting applications. They also perform better in higher temperatures of up to 550-750 degrees Fahrenheit. The fabric bag filter offers exceptional durability, resulting in longer service life than cartridge house collectors. Bag house dust collectors can handle the challenges of demanding blasting projects.

These dust collectors also provide the flexibility to select from an assortment of fabric filter media, enabling you to tailor the solution to your unique operating environment. Whether you need to handle heat, sparks or acidic gases, you’ll find the right material for your needs. If your blasting processes produce fibrous or grain dust, you can select a product that can manage those particles without clogging.

Catridge Dust Collector
Cartridge Type Dust Collector

Benefits of Cartridge House Dust Collectors

This dust collector option offers the advantage of packing more fabric into a smaller space. Consequently, it will take up less room in your facility without sacrificing airflow. These systems also require fewer filters than bag house models. Because filter replacement occurs outside the unit, cartridge models reduce labor time and costs and contribute to a safer work environment.

Applications well-suited for cartridge house dust collectors include any processes that produce excessive fumes or smoke. They also work well for collecting pharmaceutical dust and other fine, dry particles.

Size Considerations When Choosing a Dust Collector

The size of your blast cabinet is another consideration when selecting the most appropriate collector for your facility. A bag house model is typically adequate for small to medium-size cabinets. For large units or those that undergo frequent use, a cartridge-style option should deliver the best results.

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