Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

There are two main types of dust collectors to be aware of.

1. Bag House:

With a bag house type of dust collector, the metal cabinet holds 100 percent cotton sateen woven material bags that hang in the cabinet. Dirty air gets pulled in, causing dirt and dust to collect on the outside of the bag. Clean air is exhausted out of the unit.

In a shaker-type bag house dust collector, an agitation mechanism knocks the dust off the bag so it can be collected at the bottom of the cabinet.

2. Cartridge Type:

With cartridge type dust collection systems, blasting byproducts and dust are collected by vertically mounted horizontal cartridges. Dust cake is removed from the outside of the filter via reverse pulse compressed air. The pulse is regulated by solenoids and an adjustable timer.

Reclaiming systems are included with all systems. The reclaiming mechanism is a high-efficiency centrifugal or cyclone type with adjustable air settings, providing a way to remove fine or large debris using trash screens.

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