Continuous/Thru-Feed-Style Vibratory Deburring Machines

Mass finishing” thru-feed machines are for high-production surface finishing. A finishing system integrates and optimizes material handling at its finest. Incorporating the processing vibe tub, oscillating screener (parts-media separation), secondary screening for fines/gates/worn stones removal and good processing. Stones are returned via conveyor to the front of the machine/vibe tub for continuous flow with even mass throughout.

Truly designed for high-volume deburring and finishing of all types of parts with all tumbling media types acceptable for your process (e.g. steel media, ceramic, plastic and natural types).

Model: V-267F









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Systems are specifically designed for processing parts on a thru-feed/continuous basis, requiring processing cycle times from two minutes to 15 minutes, depending on part size and finishing demands.

Tub Capacities Tub Length Tub Width
17 cubic feet 8 feet 17″
24 cubic feet 8 feet 20″
27 cubic feet 13 feet 17″
52 cubic feet 12 feet 23 1/2″
122 cubic feet 28 feet 23 1/2″
130 cubic feet 19 feet 34″


Production rates from 60 parts per hour up to 10,000 pieces per hour. Parts may be bed into the vibratory deburring machines in batches with short intervals directly from the preceding operations and with the same high-volume conveyors to feed one continuous system.

Most concerns with the tub-style include the unloading of finished parts. Hand-loading and unloading very easy with simply reaching and pulling out.

For high-production work, we incorporate (MHS) material handling systems. Machines are connected to a separate oscillation deck, separated, and parts move on for rinsing/next steps while the media moves to a storage hopper to be put back into the machine for the next run (whenever that might be). High production runs multiple different parts at the same time.

Designed for maximum efficiency for standard bowl designs with the high-production flow and different parts or processes to run.

Oscillation decks can accommodate 1 to 4 machines on the system. Media storage hoppers for multiple processes use the same machinery.

With high volume and production requirements getting tighter and tighter, we can deliver a complete finishing system, including vibratory deburring machines, from start to packaging.



Advanced Deburring & Finishing knows how difficult it can be to have all of the right keys to unlock the correct doors. On-site consulting is another service that we proudly offer when it comes to vibratory deburring machines and continuous/thru-feed-style vibratory deburring machines. Not many anymore can claim our 25 years of experience in sales and engineering within the field and with applications of all kinds. Contact us today for your system.

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