Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Part Washing Supplies

Call them what you want, they are the razor blades for the razor. All production machines run on one or more of the many supply items i.e. cleaning chemicals (non-hazardous, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic to operators).  These products are used for lubrication, media dressing and finishing metal parts in vibratory finishing machines. There are specific products for cleaning, burnishing, scale removal or rust inhibiting.

There are cleaning chemicals (aqueous) and again biodegradable, environmentally friendly products for industrial parts washers. They range from general cleaners to highly specialized blends conforming to FDA requirements for use in meat, poultry and food processing plants.


ADF does not handle any ozone depleting, voc, chlorinated or fluorocarbon solvents. There are no SARA reporting or voc permits required for any ADF product. For 30 years ADF has diligently worked to eliminate these products and is proud to say they have never handled any of them.

Many of the products ADF inventories have been created to solve a specific finishing requirement. Their four chemical suppliers are industry leaders providing technical support and training. With these laboratories and chemists at their side ADF is able answer cleaning questions, provide test reports, MSDS, and make product recommendations.

These products are process specific. If a customer feels improvement can be made in a current finishing process ADF will gladly provide an updated "Sample Process" test to see if the process can be improved. 

The manufacturers' products ADF carries have been industry leaders for decades. Many of these standard products are inventoried in ADF's 20,000 square foot warehouse in York, PA.

ADF inventories other supply items such as loose grain abrasives, i.e. aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, plastic blasting media, glass beads and garnet. These products are used in air blast, wet blasting, water jet machining and wheel blast cleaning machines.