Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Six Reasons Why a Durr Hydrocarbon Process Achieves All Your Requirements

1)      Saves money

·         Less operating cost vs. aqueous type

·         No mixing chemicals to purchase

·         No hazardous waste permits for dumping

·         Same cleaning solution cleans all products

·         Minimized energy input due to heat recovery

2)      Superior quality & consistency

·         Cleaning solution does not degrade like aqueous solution

·         Total cleaning of all surfaces due to vacuum process

·         Totally dry parts after cycle is complete due to vacuum drying

·         Up to eight weeks shelf life without rust protection coatings

3)      Safe environment

·         Cleaning solution is non-halogenated

·         Cleaning solution re-generates in distillation system

·         Machine does not need roof exhaust stack or permits

·         Sound levels less than 80 dBA

·         Fluids flow through totally enclosed system

4)      Self-contained

·         Machine fabricated on stainless steel floor pan

·         Control panel attached to main base frame

·         Parts cleaned & dried in sealed chamber

·         No operator contact with fluids during fill and drain

5)      Simple to operate and maintain

·         Programmable Siemens HMI with (8) program program

·         One load/unload point, automatic or manual

·         Error diagnostics on operator control panel

·         Bulk load baskets automatically clamped shut

·         Large hinged door panel for inspection and maintenance

6)      Simple to install

·         Only electric and compressed air drops required

·         Fork lift truck can move machine to position

·         No floor drains or special foundations required

·         No exhaust stack through roof required

·         Small exterior size to fit through facility doors


Durr EcoCBase 2 Hydrocarbon Parts Washer
Durr EcoClean EcoCBase C2 Hydrocarbon Cleaning System

Advantages of Hydrocarbons vs. Aqueous

·         Cleaning fluid temperature elevated to create free flow

·         Vacuum system removes all air and moisture from system

·         Blind/tapped holes and cavities cleaned better in vacuum

·         Only one cleaning solution required for all production materials

·         Distillation system for degreasing and fluid re-generation

·         Lower operating cost, faster payback of equipment

·         Less cleaning fluids required in holding tanks

·         No mixing chemicals to purchase or monitor

·         Cleaning solution re-generates in distillation system