Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Vibratory Deburring

Why Deburr?

v  Create safe edges
v  Parts fit together
v  Generate a radius
v  R.A. surface improvement
v  Prepare surface for painting
v  Cosmetic purposes

Burr removal is critically important because it can affect part performance, reliability and durability. Types of standard vibratory finishing machines are round bowl, tub machines, tumbling barrels, spindle finishing, high energy machines and continuous thru-feed machines.

Round Bowls:

Round bowls perform well in batch and continuous applications. Round bowls separation deck is used to separate and retrieve media from parts being unloaded at the end of a cycle. Slower than tub machines the automation and material handling of round bowls provide a better cost per part analysis than tub machines.

Successful processing requires appropriate media and compound selection, correct amplitude and frequency adjustments of the motion generator and precisely determining the water flow rate and compound metering rate.  

Almco Round VLR Bowl Machine allowing for continuous or batch processing
Unique Media Flow Action - with natural contour lined tub, parts stay immersed in mass to give either gentle or aggressive deburring.