Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Dye Penetrant Semi-Automated System

This Semi-Automated System consists of five steps - Penetrant, Dwell, Spray Rinse, Dry, and Developer stages. It processes a complete family of parts used for aerospace. The line is constructed from four stainless steel modular MK Systems and runs left to right.


The penetrant stage, below left, is isolated and includes a long connecting conveyor with drain-back line for collecting penetrant. in this particular application two different penetrants are used and are isolated using separate penetrant tanks and dwell conveyors. The penetrant tanks are made on casters and the dwell conveyor sections free standing for ease of mobility. 

Ramco Parts Washers MK36 FPI Line
Ramco MK36 FPI Line
The Spray, Dry and Developer Stations, photo below, is built upon a heavy duty I beam fabricated base for accuracy, stability, ease of shipping and installatin. The control pedestal (far right) includes a main Nema 12 panel.
Ramco Parts Washer MK36 FPI Line
Ramco MK36 FPI Line