Advanced Deburring & Finishing

Process Development - It's Your Guarantee!

At the heart of the ADF business culture is process development. Machines are assemblies of metal and electronic components that work in unison to do something. Today machines are capable of producing parts to very close tolerances time after time for years and years. What a machine produces is the result of a “process”. The manufacturing process incorporates everything, from raw material, stamping, cutting, casting, machining, precision deburring and precision cleaning that goes together to produce a finished part.

Advanced Deburring & Finishing Corp. is proud to represent manufacturers of quality machines – leaders in their respective industry.  Each OEM is in their third generation or fourth decade of stable ownership. They have won industry advantages by their commitment to maintaining “process development activities” that support Advanced Deburring & Finishing customers.


Process development begins when ADF sales engineers visit a customer’s facility to conduct an on-site survey to better understand the customer’s manufacturing process and requirement. Next, a “sample process request form” is completed detailing information regarding the customer’s requirements, expectations and objectives for the project then forwarded to the OEM.

Once the initial assessment is complete, ADF requests sample parts, that are representative of the raw part that will be deburred and/ or cleaned, to be forwarded to the OEM for testing. The sample parts are used to develop a deburring or cleaning process that will satisfy the customer’s requirements. In some cases this may require custom machines, different chemistries or media to meet a customer’s needs, ADF utilizes its longstanding OEM relationships to support this process development effort.


After testing, the customer's sample parts are returned for inspection. ADF will then make a recommendation for equipment, media and compounds based on the customer's review of the finished sample parts.  After the order is placed and prior to shipping the customer’s machine(s) they are tested for process verification. The customer is encouraged to take part in this testing (Run-off) process by sending production personnel to the OEM for training prior to receiving the machinery in their plant. To ensure successful on-site installation and start-up, ADF sales engineers can be on-site for assistance after the machinery is installed. ADF has and will provide total turnkey proposals at customer request.

The process outlined above serves two purposes. One, when the customer orders they know the machine specifications, capability, processing information and all the costs associated with the operation of the process. But the second and possibly the most important purpose of the “process development” phase, is the process results guarantee offered by the OEM and ADF. Our principal manufacturers' process guarantee is passed along with our pledge to reproduce sample part results in our customers plant. This guarantee is our pledge to each customer that our recommendations will deliver the desired results they need.

To learn more about the ADF process development component call 800-553-7060.